Work That Wall: DOB Wooden 3D Puzzle Animal Head Jigsaw

I always wanted an animal head on my wall, but the real ones are hard to come by. Thanks to DOB Wooden 3D Puzzle Animal Head Jigsaw, I can get my decor wish. But cooler.

No tools or glue needed. Each model is built by slotting the individual pieces together, following the easy to use numbering system included in each kit. Can be painted or decorated according to your taste and there are holes within the plaque, so it can be easily hung on your wall.

DOB Wooden 3d Puzzle Animal Head Jigsaw

Price & Availability: $18.85,

This original 3D puzzle jigsaw wood model portrays deer head with a distinct style. The unique look of the model makes it an impressive wall decor item for collection. Other styles of animal heads include: Deer Head, Moose Head, Elephant Head and Unicorn Head.

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