Time to Clock Out #alarmclock #ds401green

These clocks do more than just wake you up. They get you going.

Price & Availability: $14.99, amazon.com

Rotating Alarm Clock Display In 4 Direction
This funny alarm clock will display in 4 direction,you need to rotate them to see date/alarm /temperature/timer .

Large LCD screen display ,Lightweight And Portable
This alarm clock is large LCD screen display (3.2*2.9 inch) but with a small and lightweight size (4.6*4.6*1.9inch), Portable for travel or outdoor activities.

Built-in Smart Light-activated Sensor
Built in light sensor,LCD Backlight Turns on automatically when the room or circumstance becomes dark. This also won’t disturb the sleepiness.

Multi-Display ,More Than A Alarm Clock
This alarm clock with timer,You can timing children’s study time ,cooking time,running time, yoga time etc. It also display date (Y/M/D)/temperature (C° and F°), so you won’t lose date ever.

Price & Availability: $25.99, amazon.com
With integration of the flow of light and simple lines, this alarm clock is attractive and special. Most people can be overwhelmed by this special clock at their first glance.
Especially, this light of the alarm clock keeps changing every minute. Above this Changing Light Alarm Clock, as you see, there is a physiotherapy functional bell. Physiotherapy functional bell can definitely benefit the human body phototherapy. It can stimulate the body’s own internal color to keep balance and produce healthy adjustment to achieve the pleasurable feeling, stable mood, and also relieve stress and reduce fatigue.
This clock plays a very active role in adjuvant therapy of a variety of mental illnesses caused by the fast pace of modern life and work pressure. Take this magical alarm clock back home.

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