Starving for My Five Fav Food Blogs

1. Chicken Parmesan Wrap, Can You Stay for Dinner

2. Beef with Broccoli, Rainy Day Gal

3. Baked Egg-Rolls with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce, Got No Milk

4. Multi-Grain Pasta with Lamb and Butternut Squash, Love and Olive Oil

5. Chewy Brownies, What Megan’s Making


There are so many amazing food blogs out in world that I wanted to share a few that I have recently discovered. I have visited a number of recipe sites but I never really get the feeling of a shared cooking experience (my attempt at cooking from a recipe at like I do when I visit these food blogs. I enjoy reading and cooking along with these editors.

I am insecure when it comes to the kitchen so being able to interact with the editors of these blogs makes my love of cooking that much easier. Among the details of the recipes, the photos on these sites are incredible.

I have not indulged in these blogs as much as I would like to yet, but from what I have seen, I know I have a lot of good reading, cooking and baking ahead. Here are a few food blogs that make me hungry!

  1. Can You Stay for Dinner – An amazing life story told through cooking, baking and 135 weight lost. This blog is more than just recipes.
  2. Rainy Day Gal – I really like this blog. The food choices are so perfect for my kind of appetite and my growing cooking skills.
  3. Got No Milk – A dairy free cooking blog. It’s possible and it all looks delicious.
  4. Love & Olive Oil“The culinary adventures of Lindsay and Taylor. We’re all about quick and flavorful dishes that don’t hurt the wallet”. I couldn’t say it better. They are masters at that combination.
  5. What Megan’s Making – Everything cooked or baked in this blog is right up my appetite alley. I get carried away with cooking possibilities when I visit What Megan’s Making. Now that I think about it, what is Megan making this week?

Here are a few honorable mentions: Food.People.WantSmitten Kitchen, and Get Off Your Butt and Bake.

There are plentiful amount of food blogs out there so let me know your favorites, they might become one of my favorites as well. Eat up!

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