Perfect Sandwich Giveaway

What is Perfect Sandwich? Quite truthfully it’s the only solution to the age old soggy sandwich problem. Americans consume over 45 billion sandwiches every year! And yet, despite this astonishing number, not one company has come up with a solution to the soggy sandwich problem……. until now.

Perfect Sandwich

Price & Availability: $12.99,

Perfect Sandwich is a patented, one of a kind lunch solution that enables the diner-on-the-go to separate the fresh ingredients from the bread until mealtime, all while keeping it’s contents chilled for up to 8 hours.

  • Perfect Sandwich is the ONLY product in the market to separate the wet from the dry and truly address sandwich sogginess and overall freshness.
  • With its FLEXtech Divider, Perfect Sandwich is the ONLY product in the market to offer this amount of consumer versatility in a container of its size.
  • With its PerfectCHILL technology, Perfect Sandwich keeps contents within the USDA guidelines for perishable foods of under 40F degrees for 5 hours and under room temperature for a full 8 hours.
  • Perfect Sandwich eliminates the need for costly disposable bags, plastic and aluminum wraps, styrofoam and other food storage solutions by providing a reusable, self-cooling container to transport your food.
  • Perfect Sandwich is BPA free, dishwasher safe and extremely durable. A container to be enjoyed of many years.
  • It’s used for far more than just sandwiches….

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  1. This is a great idea! I often leave off my favorite ingredients like tomato & pickle when I pack a sandwich to go. With this, I won’t have to!

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