Herbal Choice Beauty Collection #NaturesBrands

Since 1995 Nature’s Brands Herbal Choice Mari line has been offering consumers the very best facial cleansers with the highest quality ingredients.


Price & Availability: $16.95, naturesbrands.com
Herbal Choice Mari Natural Liquid Facial Wash is USDA certified as Made with Organic. This is a pure, SLS free facial wash formulated for oily to normal skin, including sensitive skin. This natural organic facial wash cleanses your skin, removes makeup and dirt without detergents such as sodium l. sulfate (SLS) or any similar sulfates that are harmful to your skin. The wonderful plants of organic jojoba, olives and other beneficial ingredients help leave your skin nice and smooth. For long term healthy skin use a 3 step process by toning the skin after washing.

Price & Availability: $17.95, naturesbrands.com
A 100% natural certified organic makeup remover, cleanses naturally without chemicals. Do you ever think about all the chemicals that are being placed on the face and around the eyes and wonder if those toxic chemicals can affect your health? Well no need to worry when using this pure plant based makeup remover. It is an excellent face and eye makeup remover as it safe to use around the eyes and will not sting. Suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin and does not leave your skin feeling dry. The organic moisturizing properties will ensure your skin stays properly hydrated. Best of all, this natural makeup remover is completely free of any chemicals, alcohol or synthetic preservatives.

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Night Cream

Price & Availability: $24.95, naturesbrands.com

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Night is excellent for all skin types. It is non-clogging on dry skin and oily skin. Excellent for sensitive skin. The wonderful light lavender scent will lull you to sleep. Only cold pressed pure essential oils are used. The natural plants have been carefully chosen to ensure your skin gets the proper nourishment it needs to help smoothen out fine lines around your lips, eyes and mouth. No synthetic fragrance is added. Unless the ingredients list the essential oil that provides the scent it is a phthalate. Studies of exposure to certain phthalates, in high doses, have been shown to cause hormone disruption as well as birth defects. Your body was meant to absorb ingredients that come from the earth, not chemically made in a lab. No synthetic preservatives are added. Your body does not need that. Read your label carefully and investigate all of the ingredients. There are long term repercussions to using chemical based skin care. Try it and see for yourself.

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