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We threw in everything except the kitchen sink. We have been looking to upgrade some of the products in our home and here are a few worth considering.


Cariloha – Bamboo Bath Sheet Towels

Price & Availability: $44.00,

Finding quality bath sheet towels that combine luxury softness and bacterial resistance into one amazing towel can be hard to come by, especially at an affordable price. The earth-friendly viscose from bamboo bath sheet towels are just the answer. They are luxuriously plush, odor and snag resistant. Made from a blend of renewable viscose from bamboo and cotton, Cariloha bath sheet towels are perfect for home, gym, car, pool or spa.

  • Dimensions: 40″ x 70″ (compared to a regular towel that is 30″ x 56″)
  • Extra-smooth, slightly twisted bamboo yarn is loomed perfectly to 600 grams per square meter and features an infusion of special silicon softener, resulting in an even softer, finer hand for increased bamboo-soft comfort.
  • Cariloha bamboo bath sheet towels are optimized for softness, weight and plushness – not too thin and not too thick – just right.
  • Fabric Blend: 50% Viscose from Bamboo / 50% Turkish-combed cotton

MOCENT® 7W LED Plant Grow Light Lamp

Price & Availability: $24.99,

This led plant grow light helps accelerate the growth of indoor plants, succulent plants, potted plants specially. Really helps when the plant need extra boost of light, or a few of sun, raining, snowing , dark indoor etc. LEDs are good for promoting the fruiting and flowering stage, blue LEDs can easily be added to enhance vegetative growth. Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden greenhouse, succulent plant, hydroponics or soil based, horticulture, flowers, bonsai etc.

These spectrums provide specific, customized light designed for various growing phases and growth rates, making it easy to provide the perfect light to ensure a higher yield and healthier plants all around.

A flexible, adjustable arm lets you position the light in any direction. energy saving, low heat and low power consumption,high luminous efficiency and long service life. 

Space Hax® Clear Acrylic Makeup, Jewelry & Brush Organizer

Price & Availability: $19.99,

High quality acrylic jewelry, makeup, cosmetic storage display boxes, two piece set. The set also includes acrylic flower cosmetic and makeup brush holder with 12 spaces.

  • Durable Clear Acrylic Material
  • Combination set helps organize all jewelry and cosmetics in one place
  • Removable non-stick black mesh padding keeps jewelry protected and in place

Price & Availability: $49.95,

Naturalico Shiatsu Massager (Heated) – Kneading massage therapy for foot, back, neck and shoulder pain – relieves sore muscles to provide you a total body relaxation. Relax sore muscles and release stress with a powerful shiatsu massage you can give yourself.

– Add heat and intensity to hard-to-reach muscle groups for a relaxing massage that helps reduce tightness and improve flexibility.

MULTIPLE MASSAGE NODES – We’ve created the ideal amount of kneading shiatsu pressure with four rotating nodes to cradle, support and relax muscles.

WARM, COMFORTING HEAT – The Naturalico also offers a soothing heat that reaches deep into muscle fibers to release tension, stress and even pain.

IMPROVED RECOVERY TIMES – Healthy massage is a great way to help recover from injuries because it increases circulation for improved mobility.

MORE RESTFUL SLEEP – Using 8 silicone kneading ball + dual-direction movement that mimics the feeling of a personal massage. Coupled with heat therapy, you’ll find reaching deep REM sleep happens more quickly and easily.

Price & Availability: $47.99,

Introducing STONETEC- The latest and safest in granite/ceramic coating technology made of natural earthly stone minerals ,the STONETEC Wok by WaxonWare is becoming the number one leading ceramic coated Wok in the world.

During it’s design and manufacturing process we made sure to create a green No-PFOA, No-Lead, and No-Cadmium Wok that will change your mindset on how cookware is made and used in the entire world.
Made of high grade pressed aluminum 3003 alloy and encapsulated with a strong and powerful magnetized induction bottom then coated with our leading and patented STONETEC coating technology, WaxonWare’s woks are a state-of-the-art addition to your kitchen.

With it’s amazing non-stick properties and colorful design, the WaxonWare wok allows you to saute,deep fry,stir fry,bake,boil and braise with very little amounts of oil moreover you now have the ability to cook with less than 50% of the water used before making the WaxonWare Wok the leading water-less cooking equipment in the world, and that is to allow meat, chicken and seafood to stew in its own juices making your food tastier than ever.

As for cleaning the Wok, once you’re done just add cold tap water after the Wok has totally cooled down to prevent warping and leave it for 5 minutes then use a soft sponge to remove oil residues, cleaning your cookware has never been more fun due to WaxonWare’s unbelievable non stick 5 layer coating ensuring no food will ever stick on your Wok.

For the best cooking experience with this wok, use on low to medium heat as it’s designed to retain and distribute heat evenly thus cooking your food perfectly even with low heat levels.

Leader Accessories Pet Sofa Cover

Price & Availability: $35.99,

Leader Accessories Pets sofa cover offers 360 degree Protects Furniture from kids, pets and more. Pets are always your best accompany friends in a family, H\however sometimes their furs or scratch always makes a mess on home furniture.

The superb soft fabric offers extraordinary comfort. The tabs on the underside of the protector can be tucked into the sides and seat of the furniture to help keep the protector from moving.  This is a great products to make your home furniture clean and tidy.

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