Define Lust Kitchen Essentials – May 2016

Every month we bring you some of our favorite kitchen items. At Define Lust, we believe working in the kitchen is easier and faster with the right equipment. Here’s a list of our favorite products, all of which you will find in our own kitchen.

Maxam Marble Mortar and Pestle

Price & Availability: $16.99,

Carved from white marble, this mortar and pestle is a useful investment and statement piece for any gourmand. With a minimalist design, it’s decorative enough to sit out on your kitchen counter, but durable enough to grind spices, mash garlic, whip up guacamole, pesto, or even nut butter by hand. Bruising fresh herbs and mint helps release the natural oils for fuller, more robust flavor. It’ll last for generations. Mortar measures 5-1/8″ diameter x 3-1/4″, with 5-1/8″ pestle.

Morter & Pestle

Price & Availability: $24.95,
The all-in-one kitchen gadget set is a carefully selected essential set to meet all your cooking needs. This stylish 7-piece Kitchen Gadget set will help with day-to-day food preparation including peeling, scooping, slicing, grating and opening.
The carefully crafted utensils made from quality ABS plastic which is known to be a very sturdy but lightweight plastic with a long life span. The purpose of using a lighter material is to ensure that the utensils are easy to manoeuvre. However, the quality is not compromised. The ergonomic handles provide a smooth comfortable grip and still looks cute in the vintage green color. This set works out cheaper than buying individual utensils.

Silicone Stretch N’ Seal Lids

Price & Availability: $9.99,

The Silicone Stretch Lids is an airtight seal that keeps items fresh longer and prevents spills. A great use for cans, cups, jars and containers with no lid. They are transparent in Color, flexible and expandable. The lids can replace the cling wraps, baggies or lid-hunting. You can use the Stretch N’ Seal Lids for containers, cups, cans, jars and even directly over food items. The lids are extra thick, food grade silicone is durable and won’t tear or warp. Lids can be used over and over again and are dishwasher and freezer safe.

Banana Works Beer Glass Bottles

Clear glass with metal clamp and stopper to seal off contents for preservation. Non-Drip seal. Made of high-quality, durable, shatter-resistant glass. No worry about cracking or chipping. Design is perfect for liquid beverages, ingredients, oil and vinegar, and more. Narrow neck for easy pouring to avoid spills. Glass material, won’t produce harm substance and dissolve in the liquid. Safeguard your families’ health. This bottle is for hand wash only, not for dishwasher. While it is easy to clean.

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