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Define Lust Beauty Essentials – July 2016

Skin care regimen. Beauty routine. Getting dolled up. Call it what you want to call it; how you treat your body and face matters. The products you use–and don’t use–drastically affect what your skin will look like down the road. We are here to bring you a list of beauty essentials; skincare items women should have at home.


Vivant Skin Care Maxilip Lip Plumper, 0.16 Ounce

Vivant Skin Care MaxiLip Lip Plumper

Price & Availability: $24.00,

Vivant’s MaxiLip Lip Plumper is a lip treatment formulated to moisturize and impart fuller, firmer, smoother, and better defined lips. Ideal for thin lips, decreased volume and smoker’s lines. The lip plumper smoothes out fine lines, puffs out the surface folds and brings back Cupid’s bow. When used daily the lips will have a full, rosy, vibrant look and feel.

Ingredients include Benzyl Nicotinate, Perfluorocarbons and Oligopeptides that increase blood flow, oxygen level and generate new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Mild redness and warm tingling sensation will occur. This is not an allergic reaction. After prolonged use, the tingling sensation will disappear entirely. This does not mean that the product has stopped working.

All Natural Deep Facial Cleanser and Daily Natural Face Wash With Rosehip Seed Oil. Skin care for Normal Oily Dry and Sensitive Skin. PriMiracle Professional Line

PriMiracle Natural Deep Facial Cleanser

Price & Availability: $16.95,

This is an all natural face cleanser.  It’s an excellent alternative to products that contain harsh chemicals.  It contains rosehip seed oil that will help nourish your face with vitamins and essential fatty acids.  It’s the perfect cleanser for those with sensitive skin.

There’s no need for complicated, multi-step skin regimens – simply wash your face once with this natural facial cleanser to get a deep, nourishing and gentle cleanse. Our spa-like formula leaves no residue behind and is perfect for both morning and night use.

The main active ingredient in this face wash is rosehip seed oil, a highly beneficial compound with high levels of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. We’ve also included Seaweed Extract for its additional purifying, toning effect on the skin.

The combination of natural ingredients in this premium formulation helps to improve the overall complexion of the skin leaving it soft, radiant and revitalized. Vitamin C and A help treat the appearance of scars and lines and rosehip seed oil absorbs gently to hydrate dry, itchy skin.

PriMiracle foaming moisturizing treatment has powerful anti-aging effects for both men and women. Rose hip oil encourages an even skin-tone and minimizes fine wrinkles with its regenerative properties. Our formula also works to unclog pores, remove makeup and excess oils to reduce breakouts and control blemishes.

Majestic Pure Argan Oil Hair Mask, Hydrating & Restorative Hair Repair Mask

Price & Availability: $12.95,

Majestic Pure Argan Oil Hair Mask restores and conditions weak, damaged, and over-processed hair. This hydrating Mask is a rich and creamy repair mask designed to hydrate and help repair damaged hair. This high performance Moroccan oil restorative hair repair mask contains a balance of all natural extracts that promotes improved texture, softness, manageability, and shine. Majestic Pure argan hair mask is the highest quality product on the market. It is suitable for all hair types.

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