Cobiz 30L Lightweight Packable Laptop Hiking/Camping Backpack

Lovers of the outdoors, rejoice: your search for a daypack, backpack, or carry all that keeps your belongings safe and dry throughout your adventures stops right here! From the fit of its S-shaped double shoulder straps to the multiple layers of storage inside its roomy, rain-resisting skin, this Cobiz waterproof backpack covers all the bases:

*Each of these Cobiz day packs features 30 liters of room, which gives you plenty of space for your outdoor essentials.

Cobiz 30L Lightweight Packable Laptop Hiking/Camping Backpack

Price & Availability: $18.99,

*As this is a waterproof backpack, it’s perfect for overnight stays at damp campsites, hours of sitting on the pier, or hardcore hikes through the rain.

*With its supportive, S-shaped double shoulder straps, along with a safety reflector strip to help you stay visible in a variety of conditions, this travel backpack has the protective features you’ll want when you blaze a trail through the wilderness.

*Keep your most precious items in the built-in safety pocket, and take advantage of the two space bag layers when you’re packing everything else.

*There’s even a dedicated headphone jack and a special space for your computer, so even when you’re using this as a dedicated camping backpack, you don’t have to give up any necessary ties to the outside world.

So, What Are You Waiting For?
–Use your new Cobiz bag as a hiking daypack when you’re packing for that long, rewarding trail you’ve been planning to tackle.
–Feel free to haul anything that doesn’t fit in your tackle box during fishing trips, from your lunch to your latest angling gadgets.
–Carry your ammunition and accessories in comfort next time you go hunting, target shooting, or skeet shooting.

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