Baby Not Needed: #BabySonny Canvas Diaper Bag

Baby Sonny Canvas Diaper Bag

Price & Availability: $35.00,

Every parent knows that having an infant means toting around a lot of baby gear. Carrying everything you need for a day out with your baby doesn’t mean you have to give up looking good; stylish diaper bags are available, and they mean you can look great and still be prepared for whatever blowouts come your way. Before you purchase a jusat any diaper bag, consider the Baby Sonny Canvas Diaper Bag. One of the most stylish and comfortable bags on the market. You don’t even need to have a baby with you to rock this bag.

The tote-style Baby Sonny canvas diaper bag is styled like a handbag with a zip-top closure, this diaper bag prevents spillage when the bag tips over (if you remember to zip it!). Zip-top bags tend to be a little smaller than other styles and are best suited to short day trips when just a change of clothes and a snack is required. These bags are often stylish enough to carry to the office. While it can be tempting to choose the largest diaper bag available, remember that the bigger bag, the more you’ll end up carrying.

Diaper bag choices are no longer limited to pastels. The Baby Sonny canvas diaper bag is crafted of beautiful fabric and in elegant teal and white chevron design with faux leather handles and matching changing mat.




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