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Never worry if your shower isn’t warm enough again with this rainfall LED showerhead. This luxurious rainfall showerhead has five powerful settings and LED lights that change color based on water temperature. LED lights last for 100,000 hours and is simple and easy to install without any plumbing or tools. With a built-in LED light and temperature sensor, enjoy watching this faucet illuminate and change colors as you change the water temperature.

DreamSpa® Rainfall Showerhead with LED/LCD Temperature Display

Price & Availability: $59.80, ebay.com

DreamSpa® AquaFan 12 inch all-chrome rainfall showerhead with color-changing LED/LCD temperature display is a fixed mount overhead showerhead with LED display. Revitalize your bathroom with the World’s most luxurious LED color changing chrome face showerhead that features an extra large 12 inch overhead shower.


Aqua Elegante Multi-Function Luxury Shower Head

Price & Availability: $29.95, amazon.com

Enhance your shower experience with the Aqua Elegante Showerhead. This powerful showerhead delivers satisfying coverage and flow along with a 360 degree rotating multi-function extension and multiple stream settings.

Six spray modes ensure that you experience the perfect shower. Choose a soft flow that feels like strolling through a gentle rain. Get a spa-like treatment with the pulsating massage. Or enjoy the saturating spray for a quick rinse.

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