Currently Obsessed

Have you ever had an obsession that refuses to quit? Well, I’m currently obsessed with the products below and it scares me. Usually my obsessions are short live, because they are one style and then the trend passes. However, all of my current obsessions seem to be difficult to shake. They are versatile products that have yet to run its course.



Let’s start with my deepest obsession… BASKETS. There is good and bad in this product.

The good, the style, texture, color and just the plain look and feel of them make them a never ending obsession.  Baskets offer such diverse uses. I get most of my baskets at Goodwill stores, street markets, and stoop sales. I live in Brooklyn, stoop sales are everything (obsession for another post)!

Now for the bad. I have way to many baskets and I can’t seem to find a reason to part with them. They are incredibly stylish for the home and for the park. I love them! Maybe too much. My home is a clutter of baskets, it has gotten to the point, where the cozy, minimally decorated, natural vibe the I was going for in my home has changed to a birds nest of BASKETS!

This summer, I will be having my own stoop sale (first time) to help relieve the stress of too much of a good thing. I look forward to passing on these gorgeous baskets for another lovely lady to obsess over.

Desk Handset with Stand for Facetime, Skype and Mobile Calls

Native Union Curve Twin Handset

I love, love my tablet and mobile phone twin handset, keyword ‘twin’! It is awesome. If you are anything like me, you have multiple devices at home and these devices are getting bigger every season. I am like a workhouse with my devices when I’m at home. I’m chatting on Skype, talking with friends, perusing the internet all at the same time. With the help of the native union twin handset from my new fav accessory shop,, I’m able to stay on top of conversations all without ever touching my devices.

Okay, let get this out of the way early. Yes, the more distance you put between yourself and your mobile device while in use may cut down on any potential radiation.

However, the reason why I bought this accessory is because I feel more comfortable holding a regular phone handset then my mobile phone. It really helps to multitask and it gives me an office feel at home. I work better with tools that provide convenience. To get you devices under control, take a look at the Mobile Fun website. When I began looking for hands free kits for mobile devices, there were tons of choices, maybe there will be a better one for you. Let me know if you find one!


Last summer I was at one of many Brooklyn Flea markets and I found the most exquisite liquor decanter. The seller told me that a glass topper decanter was a ‘rare’ find. How lucky am I?

I’m not a big drinker nor do I collect liquors. However, I do have a number of liquors that I thought would look pretty in a decanter. A simple thought, right? Wrong. I found the above decanter and fell in love. I’m completely obsessed in getting the most unique liquor decanter. They come in different shapes, sizes, and style. I usually have success at flea markets, thrift shops, and stoops sales.

I hesitated with this last obsession because I didn’t want anyone of my readers to beat me to the perfect decanter. But after further thought, I figured, the more people buying decanters takes away the opportunity for me to continue adding them to my over obsessed collection.

I feel like I was at a therapy session and I am admitting to all my vices. This was a healthy exercise. Let me know if you guys have any obsession?

Oscar Night’s Best Dressed

Best Dress Males

Bradley Cooper, Tom Ford & Tyler Perry


Best Dress Females

Bette Midler, Reem Acra & Charlize Theron, Dior


Best Dressed Couple

Matthew McConaughey, Dolce & Gabbana & Camila Alves, Gabriela Cabrena

Beyonce – Pencey Standard

Beyonce - Pencey Standard

Quiz striped dress
$36 –

$27 –

Circular sunglasses

2013 Grammys Look of the Night – Solange Knowles

2013 Grammy Best Dress Solange Knowles Ralph & Russo Couture gown paired with Lorraine Schwartz jewels
Ralph & Russo Couture gown paired with Lorraine Schwartz jewels

For the Non-Practicing Catholics

Let me be the first to write my, not so anonymous confession.

I love being sick. It allows me to contribute absolutely nothing to the world without regret. 

You’re next! What are your ‘anonymous’ confessions? 


Define Lust Holiday Gift Guide


1- JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit, $45, at
2. Mindless Behavior #1 Girl, $9, at
3) JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit, $45, at


Postcard from Stockholm

Bag-in-Bag Wine: Vernissage

Bag-in-Bag Wine Vernissage

The Bag-in-Bag wine Vernissage has taken both wine-lovers and the press by storm, in Sweden as well as internationally. Behind the success are Sofia Blomberg, the creator of the unique packaging design, and Takis Soldatos, the creator of the packaging´s contents. The results are elegant design, and a characteristically typical mixture of French Chardonnay and Viognier produced in one of Northern Europe´s most modern wineries, Nordic Sea Winery in Simrishamn.

The thought behind Vernissage is a playful approach the curious and modern wine consumer. At the same time, a woman´s touch has propelled the Bag-in-Bag wine from the practical to the elegant.

If you remember my post on another fancy box wine, The20, you can really appreciate the design efforts of these creative and unique design packaging. I look forward to more to come. This is the type of trend I can get behind!

What do you think of box wines getting this type of fashion treatment and attention?

Bag-in-Bag wine Vernissage Most Innovative" in the Carton Awards 2010

Define Lust Fashion Picks from the 2012 NBA Draft

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Damian Lillard, John Henson

Meyers Leonard and Damian Lillard

Bradley Beal
My personal favorite, Thomas Robinson